3m certified installer

VSP Graphics | Your Local 3m Certified Installer by Matthew Keeler

Custom car wrapping is on the rise. If you’re looking to get in on the action make sure you go with a quality wrap material. VSP is local 3m certified installer in the Buffalo NY area. We’ll make sure your car looks stunning with a new 3m vinyl wrap.

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Custom Vinyl Wrap For Cars | 4 Common Styles by Matthew Keeler

Custom car wraps are becoming more and more popular each day. Here’s 4 common styles of custom vinyl wrap for cars that you should know about, brought to you by VSP Graphics Group.

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Event Marketing | Vinyl Vehicle Wraps On Display by Matthew Keeler

Another example of how a wrapped vehicle can get you thousands of relevant impressions is bringing the wrapped vehicle to events like trade shows, festivals, conferences, and other large gatherings. If you’re from Buffalo, chances are you’ve seen a Lloyd’s Taco Truck rolling around and felt your mouth water. Companies like Lloyd’s take advantage of large crowd settings to not only sell, but to influence. Here are a few examples of events that a vinyl wrapped car could get a lot of eyeballs.

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