The Martin Group | Oishei Children's Hospital

"When kids get off the elevator, they don't see what the adults see. They see this..."

In November 2017, Buffalo welcomed a brand-new children's hospital -  a 12 floor, 185 bed, masterpiece of innovation full of the highest quality technology and pediatric care. The Martin Group, one of New York's most trusted and well known full-service integrated communications and marketing agencies, took on the huge task of branding and advertising Oishei Children's Hospital - working with them as they moved from their old location to this new facility. One of the first goals of the operation was to ensure the environment was warm and welcoming to children. The Martin Group designed illustrations that represented Buffalo and each individual theme and then brought on VSP as the provider of vinyl graphics and dimensional signage for the entire facility. Working hand in hand with the agency, VSP identified the best materials and applications to implement TMG and Kaleida Health's vision for the space, and in 6 short weeks, brought it all to life. 

With cleanliness being key, VSP utilized a graffiti-proof, anti-microbial application throughout the facility - the first use of its kind at such a scale. This gives healthcare workers and facility management the ability to clean with bleach and other considerably abrasive chemicals. 

The vibrant colors and playful messaging throughout aim to ease the struggle for both patients and their families and serve as a model for children's hospitals around the nation.  Stationed right in the heart of downtown Buffalo's ever-growing medical corridor, it's no doubt that this new hospital will be on the forefront of new advances and discoveries in the medical community.

Some of the unique applications seen in this project...

• Anti-Graffiti/Anti-Microbial Super Laminate Vinyl
• Custom Painted Acrylic Pieces
• Ambulance Reflective Wrap
• Clear Acrylic Plaques
• High-End Stainless Steel Hardware for Displays
• Frosted Vinyl Glass Graphics
• Matte and Gloss Combination Finishes