How Your Signage Can Help or Hurt Your Business

No matter what type of business or industry you’re in, you’re going to need to incorporate signage. Maybe it’s time for your company to upgrade. When considering investing in signage or upgrading your signage, it’s important to remember the purposes and benefits of a good sign. You may need to upgrade some wayfinding signage inside your facility, or maybe you want to put up a swanky slick sign to show everyone the new company on the block.

Either way, VSP Graphic Group can help. As premiere providers of both interior and exterior signage in Western New York, we will work with you to help provide you with messaging that perfectly suits your brand. Here are a few things to think about when investing in new signage.

There are many purposes that signs can serve. If you have low quality signage, or no signage at all, you’re hurting your business, and you’re not truly capturing your customer. Not having proper signage could even put employees in danger, such as in an industrial facility or airport. If you don’t have a proper exterior sign, how will people know how to find you? By adhering to a solid brand, you can use signage to help show off what makes you different than your competitors. You can utilize proper signage to show off a call to action to promote a special offer or sale, or promote a special date to bring people back.

Interior wayfinding signage is essentially anything that will help your employees or customers move about the facility. Incorporating your branding into things like office signage and nameplates is a great way to dress up your facility. When done the right way, signage can really make a building pop. Lobby signs, channel letters, and custom signage can improve and customize any facility.

The way you display your facility speaks volumes to anyone that passes by. Have you ever approached a business or organization and noticed there isn’t any signage, or maybe the sign was dated or damaged? How did that make you feel? One can assume that you might have felt a little uneasy or uncomfortable. Poor quality signage simply does not provide a viewer with a sense of trust or security in the brand.

If your business is thinking about upgrading any signage, or thinking about how to improve the aesthetics of your organization, VSP Graphic Group can help. Simply give us a call or fill out our contact form to start a conversation on how we can incorporate our creativity and your company culture to create custom signage that helps build your brand.