5 Benefits of Car Wrapping With Custom Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Have you ever considered adding car wrapping to your brand’s advertising? If you have any vehicles in your company’s arsenal, it could be a major benefit. If not, many corporations and larger companies have experimented with providing small payouts to individuals willing to add their company’s logo to their car or truck. Effective advertising always provides the consumer with a great impression. Vinyl car wraps on sales, service, or delivery vehicles are a very powerful tool for branding and marketing. Here are a few of the benefits of custom vinyl vehicle wraps.

Wide Audience

If you think about the value of a billboard placed on the side of a busy road or expressway, it’s easy to understand the value in many cars driving by every day. The thing with car wrapping is that you essentially create a moving billboard that is seen by cars all day, in any location your car or truck goes. Depending on how many vehicles you wrap, you have the potential to reach tens of thousands to a hundred thousand viewers per month.

Attention Grabber

Because of the uniquity and attractiveness of vinyl car wraps, they will be much more noticeable than the other cars on the road. Passing vehicles won’t notice a plain white van. They will notice a well designed custom vinyl vehicle wrap.

Local Awareness

If you are a newer company, or have recently set up shop in a new location that may be unaware of your brand, then vehicle wrapping can really help. Local marketing with custom vinyl vehicle wraps can immediately start turning heads and bringing awareness to your company or organization.

Cost Effective

Unlike billboards and advertisements in the newspaper of phone book that can get very expensive, car wrapping is lighter on the budget. The cost is one time, versus consistent recurring costs for changing out billboards or ads. At a fraction of the cost, the initial payment can provide a better return on investment than other methods. Plus, you can change your vehicle wrap anytime you want, you’re not locked into competitive space.

Less Aggressive

When you’re regurgitated the same radio ad over and over, how does it make you feel? Utilizing vehicle car wraps can provide you with a much less “in your face” method, without losing the ability to reach a wide audience. If you asked your consumers which they mind less, the same radio ad repeating in their car, or seeing vibrant vehicle wraps on the road, it’s safe to say what they would choose.

VSP Graphic Group has years of experience as a certified 3m vinyl wrap installer. We have wrapped thousands of vehicles in the Western New York area, as well as all over the country. If you’re company is even considering wrapping a vehicle with your brand, give us a call today. We can answer any questions you have, show you some of our work, and give you a few samples of what we can do for you. Let’s work together!