What Does It Mean To Be 3M Certified Wrap Installer?

Rooted in Buffalo, NY, VSP Graphic Group is proud to be one of the few 3M Certified Wrap installers in the Northeast. 3M is a nationally-renowned leader in creating vinyl graphics for custom vehicle wrapping. Having started right here in Buffalo, VSP has been able to expand to a national reach with the help of being 3M certified and 3M Preferred. What does this mean?

Top Quality Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Being a 3M Certified Wrap Installer, VSP has access to all of the best products that 3M has to offer in the world of vinyl car wrapping. 3M invents, manufactures, and markets products used to produce large format graphics and provide solutions for almost every application. They are the best of the best in creating vinyl car wraps, and that is why we choose to maintain our status as 3M certified Wrap Installers.

Optimum Application of Custom Car Wraps

We didn’t become 3M certified wrap installers overnight. Our VSP application team has worked with 3M for over 20 years. This gives us the most experience in installing vinyl car wraps in Buffalo, NY. Based on your budget, we can work with your company to choose what products will best suit your needs. We can tell you what works, and what doesn’t. Along with being 3M certified, VSP can offer the top warranty for your custom car wrapping.


Custom car wrapping has become quite the trend over the last few years, in Buffalo, and all over the US. We have worked with some of the biggest and well known companies in Buffalo, NY, and we have worked our way up to being one of the top vehicle branding companies in the entire country.

If you have a company that would like to learn more about the benefits of custom vinyl vehicle wrapping, please contact us. This is what we love to do! We can work with companies anywhere in the country. We will produce and print your project in Buffalo, NY, and we can install it anywhere between here and California. Check out our Fleet Wraps & Vehicle Graphics page to see some of our work!

Matthew Keeler