6 Common Questions about Custom Car Wraps by Matthew Keeler

At VSP Graphic Group we’ve been in the custom vinyl graphics business for a while and we’ve noticed a growing trend in custom car wrapping.  We’ve also noticed that consumers have a good deal of questions about the specifics of custom car wraps. To help set your mind at ease we thought it’d be a good idea to answer a few for you today.  Here’s a short list of 6 common custom car wrap questions.

1. Will Custom Vinyl Wraps Damage My Paint Job?

This is the most common question about vinyl wrap for cars.  If the installation is done right, there should be no damage to your original paint job.  An experienced professional should have no trouble applying (and removing) a custom vinyl car wrap.  Any expert in the industry will know the importance protecting your original paint by using top quality vinyl wrap material; such as the industry leading 3m vinyl wrap.

2. Is it Easy to Remove Custom Car Wraps?

Again, assuming the wrap is installed correctly, it should be a breeze to take off.  Applying heat to a corner section should make the wrap peel-able. With a little care and patience your custom car wraps should come off without any hassle.  It’s important to note that adding extra adhesive primer during installation can make removal more difficult, so it’s always important to get an expert’s opinion on what’s required for your installation.

3. Can I Install a Custom Car Wrap Myself?

Home installations are possible but it’s not an easy task.  It requires a good deal of patience and precision to ensure custom car wraps are installed correctly.  It’s highly recommended that you look to an experienced 3m certified installer, like VSP Graphic Group, for your custom car wrapping needs.  You don’t want to invest all the time doing it yourself only to find air bubbles popping up or the original paint job still showing when you’re finished.

4. How Do You Wash Custom Wrapped Cars?

Hand washing with a standard automotive soap solution is usually all that’s required for maintaining your custom vinyl wraps.  An automated brush-less car wash should also be okay though it’s often less thorough than a hand wash. Using a pressure washer may work under the right conditions; however it can degrade the vinyl wrap or cause peeling under too much pressure.

5. What’s the Life Expectancy of Custom Vinyl Wraps?

Custom car wraps should hold up for about 5-7 years on average.  Of course this number will vary depending on the installation, the quality of the material and how well it has been washed and maintained over the years.

6. Are Vinyl Car Wraps Worth It? Why Not Get a Custom Paint Job Instead?

It’s true that a custom vinyl car wrap might not last as long as a custom paint job.  That being said, vinyl wrap for cars is significantly cheaper than custom paint, so it’s usually considered a bargain despite the lower life expectancy.  Additionally, custom vinyl wraps can be produced with a greater variety of designs and textures to give your vehicle a look that custom paint can’t achieve..

At VSP Graphic Group we know all about custom car wraps and are proud about our status as certified 3m installers.  If it’s time for you to give your car a new look, custom vinyl wraps will be perfect for you. Give us a call if you need more information or if you’d like to set up an appointment with our team today!

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VSP Graphic Group is pleased to announce the addition of Buffalo sports media personality Paul Peck. In his role as VP of Sports Development, Peck will be in charge of enhancing and growing VSP’s Sports Division through creative solutions for WNY teams and schools.

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