Architectural &
Specialty Products

We’re in the business of creative solutions, and sometimes that means delivering completely out-of-the-box and custom products. Our capabilities range from architectural pieces like clouds and sound-dampening acoustical displays, to specialty decorative films and laminates, all the way to custom-fabricated awards and cool laser-cut give-a-ways.


What Can I Expect?

• Custom Trophies & Awards

• A Wide Selection of Specialty Decorative Films

• Anti-Graffiti, Anti-Microbial SuperLaminates

• Acoustical Clouds & Displays

• Custom Laser Cutting Service & Unique Pieces

• Fresh Ideas for Interior Design & Architectural Elements

• Modular Art Walls & Dimensional Paneling

• ADA Compliant Wayfinding & Interior Signs

• Textured Overlaminates & Resurfacing Applications (Belbien & Di-Noc)

• 3-Form Alternatives